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    Plus Tech has produced cards for Leading organizations and businesses for over 40 years.

    We have products such as Smart Card, Top Up Card, Member Card, Specialty Card, Technology Product. We are a The first Company in Thailand that can produce credit cards such as Visa & MasterCard as well as provide a full range of card related services such as data recording on the card, stock management, delivery, including printing that is difficult to maintain all kinds of forgery.
    40 years +
    of production experience that always focuses on new innovations.
    1,600 companies +
    both domestically and internationally that continually trusts in the quality of Plus Tech.
    600 million cards +
    and Plus Tech never stop developing and always increasing the quality of card production.
    Various Types of Plastic Cards
    “The company realizes the importance of continous development and expansion of plastic card products. As a result, the company has gained the trust of a large number of customers both in the country and abroad.”
    • 01

      EMV Card
      Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard) Available in the form of debit and credit cards. Inside the EMV card, there is an embedded microchip for storing personal information of the users.
    • 02

      Smart Card
      From 40 years of experience, can guarantee the expertise in card production. We have both contact smart cards and contactless smart cards.
    • 03

      NFC Business Card
      Plus Card, a new business card with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Just carry one card, communication will be easy. Plus card can provide more business contact information. There are 3 styles for you to choose.
    • 04

      Top Up Card
      Membership cards for businesses that want to offer different benefits to each member group, such as grouping members according to spending or the number of times they use the service.
    • 05

      Member Card
      Member card is a card that can add business value. Can be used to pay in lieu of cash to merchants for more convenience for users.
    • 06

      Specialty Card
      Specialty Card is the development of card formats according to customer requirements for events or projects to create value for businesses or organizations.
    Technology Products
    “Plus Tech is not only an expert in card production, but also pays attention to card security. By focusing on modern approaches in a world that is constantly evolving and changing to meet the full spectrum of demands.”
    Fingerprint Card
    To increase the security of users even more. We produce fingerprint innovation by using fingerprint scanning to verify identity for financial transactions. To prevent other people from forging fingerprints.
    Dynamic CVV
    CVV (Card Verification Value) 3-digit number on the back of the card that changes every time it is used. To verify the identity of the cardholder’s various types of transactions. To be more secure for users, the CVV number will send the One Time Password information to verify identity. This prevents anyone other than the card owner from extracting personal information or corrupt with the card owner.