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From 40 years of experience, can guarantee the expertise in card production.

We have both contact smart cards and contactless smart cards. Inside the smart card is an embedded chip that can record electronic data. Not only store data, but it can also change or update data in the chip’s memory with a secure way. Certified by ISO : 27001 : 2013 , ISO : 9001 : 2015 and PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act).
Employee Smart Card
Employee card for the era Digital Transformation
Meet the needs of organizations or businesses that need a comprehensive smart card. Just one card can be used with Smart Factory, Smart Canteen, Smart Office, Smart Education and many additional features according to the needs of the organization.
Food Court Card
The card can be used instead of cash in the food court.
Able to set promotions, allocate a percentage from each store’s sales and check the balance and Data of daily sales of various menus.
Transportation Card
Tickets for MRT and BTS.
Plus Tech is the first leader in the MRT cards manufacturing. We are the first in Thailand to produce and develop cards for the MRT (MRT Metro) and we are also the first to produce Thin Card for The BTS (BTS Skytrain).
ID Card
Personal identification card
For use in government agencies, agencies or institutions. The cards can display personal information and can add special features to integrate with modern technology.