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Company Overview
The company was registered as a joint venture between The British Printing and Communication Corporation (Europe’s largest printing group) and four Thai commercial banks: Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bank Asia and Thai Danu Bank. The objective is to print anti-counterfeiting docum ents, checks, important financial instruments. Including various forms of the bank.
Another 4 Thai commercial banks have participated in the investment, which are Bangkok Metropolitan Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, United Bank and Thai Military Bank.
The company has been entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to print the passports of Thailand.
Developed a factory into the production of modern plastic cards such as ATM cards, credit cards and smart cards.
The company was registered as the company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In the same year, the company was also a stamp maker for the Communications Authority of Thailand.
Started trading in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Started producing contactless cards, printing lottery tickets and start the export department.
The company began to obtain ISO 14001 certification and began to become the world’s leading manufacturer of contactless smart cards.
Received approval from VISA for the company to produce and store specific data on the next generation Visa card chip.
The company is authorized by VISA and MASTERCARD to produce the next generation EMV (Euro-pay MasterCard-VISA) credit card.
The Company has expanded to international markets and has been entrusted by leading banks and financial institutions in the country to produce EMV cards.
Developed a complete payment system through smart cards to leading universities in Thailand.
The company became the first printing factory in Thailand to be certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and CWA (Cen Workship Agreements) 14641:2009 standards.
Received the CSRI Recognition Award in the category of Rising Star from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Received the factory with good waste management according to the 3Rs Award, Zero Waste to Landfill and CSR – DIW Continuous Award 2012 from the Department of Industrial Works.
Added a new service under the Infozafe brand, a service for storing and destroying important documents.
Received the TPM Excellence Award Category A from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), Japan.
Received the Green Industry Award Level 4 for Green Culture from the Ministry of Industry.
Awarded Thailand Sustainability Investment: THIS or sustainable stocks of the year 2018 from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Receive awards and certificates “Best Innovation Organization of the Year 2018” at the Innovation Thailand Expo 2018 by the National Innovation Agency.
Received the Sustainability Excellence Award in the category of Rising Star.
Cooperate with Kasikorn Bank to produce a Blackpink x Kbank debit card.
Received Thailand Sustainability Investment (THIS) or Sustainable Stock Award 2020 from the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the 4th consecutive year.
Sabuy Technology Public Company Limited started to be a major shareholder of the company.
Awarded Sustainability Disclosure Award (Sustainability Disclosure Community: SDC) for the year 2021.
Developed from plastic business cards to smart business cards with NFC technology.
Changed the company name to Plus Tech Innovation Public Company Limited.
Developed an employee card to be a Smart Card.
Awarded Sustainability Disclosure Award (Sustainability Disclosure Community: SDC) for the year 2022.
Produce red line electrified train tickets and design a new Limited Edition.