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Eco-Friendly Card
Plus Tech recognizes the importance and is aware of the problems that affect the environment. To deal with massive amounts of plastic waste, we have developed cards with natural and eco-friendly materials, combined with innovation in line with modern world trends.

– Card Sample –
At present, Plus Tech jointly finds various solutions with awareness of responsibility, committed to developing the most biodegradable and environmentally friendly PVC cards.
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a sustainable substitute for plastic, which is made from bio-resources instead of plastic from petrochemicals, to help reduce the impact of using PVC cards that generate a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. PLA can decompose several times faster than PVC plastic. When PVC is used to the end, it becomes waste that takes hundreds of years to decompose, to solve problems that may affect the environment, we would like to insist on being a part of encouraging consumers to turn their attention to green products that are more environmentally friendly, for a sustainable environment in the future and create a circular process from production to lifetime and return to nature. In addition, Eco-Friendly Card can also be used in all forms that users want, both in the form of transactions or not in a transaction.